Clean code is one that is written by someone who cares.

We believe our code should be more than just to serve its purpose. It should help us deliver a better work, and provide quality support to our users.


This is what we do:

We are focused on Media Agencies Business Solutions

Rate Card Center

We provide a large data base of rate card data for all sorts of media outlets, which we always keep updated and respond to every new request in a couple of hours.


Within our offer, MediaLink is the tool that connects AppMedia to external software, namely ERP’s, billing and other management tools.


Our core piece of engineering allows media agencies and other media players to fully manage the media buying process, in any kind of advertising.

Premium Support

We strongly believe that our customers satisfaction is our main goal. We keep a close relationship with all users and make ourselves available, through every possible channel.

We proudly partner with these clients

aren’t they awesome

The Digital Challenge

The most significant challenges for the business of digital media are addressed:

Several digital disciplines are all available in AppMedia platform, numerous metric concepts, integration with measurement services, control, reporting and analytics; it’s an open platform for the present and future of Digital Media.

And we are ready for more

Media Buys
Media Plans Completed

Our experience of working with Outware has been extremely positive. They immediately understood our goals and were efficient and thorough to respond to every new request. The solutions were well presented in a comprehensive and timely fashion.

Mª João Oliveira, Chief Client Officer (MEC)

I was impressed with the level of support at Outware They were all helpful in answering questions and made me feel at ease. The service ended up being better than I could have envisioned!

Rui Mariani, Havas Media

We were afraid that it wouldn’t work being so far apart! They have commendable talent in their fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. An amazing experience!

Xana Amorim, Diretora de Media, Novaimagem Angola

(…) all this makes them always ahead of the marketplace and is the reason why we still work with this team after 15 years!

Patricia Araujo, DHES, (SMG)

We are in the cool side of Lisbon

here is where you can find us